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Research from the Center for Advanced Studies in Identity Sciences is aggressively addressing the challenges of face and iris recognition.

Biometrics, face recognition, age progression, age estimation, and ocular recognition are growing fields. Get involved today. Find out more about CASIS offerings here at NC A&T State University.

Dozier Leading Biometrics Research

Gerry Dozier, Chair of the Computer Science Department in the College of Engineering, is an expert in biometrics and tightly-coupled face and iris recognition — cutting edge science that is critical to biometric identification technologies.

This expertise, along with his work to broaden the participation of African-Americans in computer sciences, resulted last year in an $8.93 million five-year grant to North Carolina A&T State University to create the Director of National Intelligence Science and Technology Center of Academic Excellence (CAE) in Advanced Biometrics. Funded by the Army Research Laboratory, this pilot initiative is the only Science and Technology CAE in the United States.

The mission of the center, which is named the Center for Advanced Studies in Identity Sciences (CASIS), is to perform research to provide a variety of innovative solutions to critical identity security issues, while simultaneously increasing the pool of talented researchers and professionals in the biometric workforce.

Dr. Gerry Vernon Dozier


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Dr. Gerry Vernon Dozier, Professor and Chair
Department of Computer Science Director,
Center for Advanced Studies in Identity Sciences
(an Office of the Director of National Intelligence S&T CAE)

McNair 508
Tel: 336-334-7245

Mailing Address
Computer Science Department
1601 E. Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

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